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  • DIY: Unique Valentine Card Handmade Tutorial - Personalized For couples

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    Valentine's Day this year is coming very close, why not try to make a lovely card yourself to surprise and send love messages to your partner. Let's start with Magic Proposal!

    1. Paper cards heart roll

    Quilling Paper art, also known as Quilling Paper, is loved by many young people today because it is quite easy to make and eye-catching. It's almost Valentine, so why not try making a heart card from a scroll to give your loved one.


    • Paper fibers are red, pink, light pink.
    • Paper twisting tool.
    • Glue.
    • Hard white paper.
    • Tinsel (small ribbon).


    Step 1: Using a paper curler, roll the strip of paper into several layers of tight circles, glue the circle with milk glue. If you don't have the tools, you can do it manually, just a little meticulous.

    Funny Couple's Valentine's Day gift idea: >>Just in case no one told you today<<

    Step 2: Cut a heart shape with white hard paper. You can use the serrated scissors outside the heart frame to add an eye-catching part.

    Step 3: Place the scroll inside the heart frame. Fix them with milk glue. Use a glitter or ribbon to form a decorative bow for the card to look more lively.

    2. This is the simplest way to make Valentine’s handmade cards.


    • Color paper.
    • Drag.


    You just need to prepare a colored paper, cut into a heart shape, fold the heart in the steps in the image to have a lovely envelope already. Please write your words of love on the inside of the paper. With this method, even men can give their girlfriends a cute heart card.

    In addition, you can also refer to how to make a heart-shaped envelope in Japanese origami style with a higher degree of difficulty in the video below!

    3. Handmade pixel valentine cards

    In the past few years, cross embroidery has become extremely popular and loved by many people because it is quite easy to implement and the results are very beautiful. Why not make a unique cross-style embroidery card to give to your loved one on Valentine?


    • White paperboard.
    • Needles and red embroidery thread.


    Step 1: Fold the white paperboard in half in the shape of a card, draw dots like a pattern of pixel embroidery in the shape of two hearts next to each other.

    Step 2: Use the needle to stitch one way, line by row then cross the opposite direction, remember to sew in a cross shape.

    So in just about half an hour, you had a lovely Valentine-style card in a cross-stitch style.


    4. 3D Valentine card hearts Kirigami style pop-up card

    This is also a simple way to fold Valentine cards in the style of Japanese Kirigami pop-up paper cutting. It is quite simple and easy to implement, you try it out!


    • Paperboard (It is best to choose white to make the heart stand out more.)
    • Paper red, pink.
    • Scissors, pens, glue.


    Step 1: Fold the white paperboard in half into a card shape.

    Step 2: Cut the red paper into two squares with the size equal to 1/4 of the white paperboard.

    Step 3: Draw a heart on two red paper, draw the heart shape from the outside to the center to form a small heart in the middle. Use scissors skillfully cut along that line so that there is no interruption.

    Step 4: Paste the two small hearts together. Paste the other two ends into the two parts of the white cover and you have finished the 3D heart card.

    >>I Love you the most the end I fucking win mug<<

    5. Valentine card from cover paper and wood grain

    Another way to make Valentine cards is extremely simple for those who are not smart.


    • Board.
    • Paper knife, milk glue.
    • Woodgrain.


    Step 1: Cut 2 sheets into 2 equal rectangles, double the two covers, fix them together with milk glue into a card.

    Step 2: In the outer cover cut a heart shape.

    Step 3: Use glue to glue the wooden particles in the cut heart-shaped border.

    Step 4: Decorate the card with the remaining wood beads, you can transplant them into the name of the person you want to give the card, which is also very interesting and meaningful.

    That's it done, very simple, right?

    6. Love tree greeting card

    A simple but colorful card will definitely make you score in their eyes.


    • Multicolor paperboard.
    • Heart-shaped cutting tools.
    • Red wool cord.
    • Pink ribbon.
    • Scissors, glue.


    Step 1: Using a tool to cut out the colored paper into small hearts, you can also cut it by hand if you don't have the tools. With the white cover, you double the shape into a card.

    Step 2: Cut a piece of wool cord to fix it into the middle of the card as a trunk, stick the heart shape on the top of the wool string into a canopy shape.

    Step 3: Create a bow from the pink ribbon, attach it to the base of the tree!

    So you've completed the love tree card. Please write your words of love on the inside of the card.

    Hopefully, with a few suggestions above you will have unique gifts to surprise your half on this year's Valentine. Above are just some handmade Valentine cards that you can make yourself to give to your beloved one. If you do not have the time to prepare your own romantic gifts for your lover, explore Magic Proposal immediately to find unique meaningful gifts on Valentine's day!

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