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  • 50++ Love Romantic Quotes for Him (With Images)

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    50++ Love Sweet Quotes for Him

    In every relationship, love messages sent to a person makes them feel special. Love messages have no formula, what is important is the message conveyed. Send to your man wonderful and meaningful love massages on this Valentine’s Day!

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    •  What I feel for you is real. What runs through my heart is beyond what the eyes can see. I love you very much, and I don’t want you to hear or watch it. I want you to feel it.
    love quote romantic message for him and her
    • You’re priceless. No wonder I’m hopelessly in love with you. I’m addicted to you, and I know you are my drug. I want to be your everything as you mean everything to my life. Let’s allow our hearts to speak because all my heart wants is you.

    love message romantic quotes for girlfriend and boyfriend

    • Each time we celebrate our anniversary, I look back and see how far we have come, and I realize I have had the best time of my life with you by my side
    • Your face is food to my eyes, your love is food to my heart, and your touch and warmth, food to my body and soul. I love all that you are a baby.

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    • I wish it was possible for my heart to speak for itself, so it can explain how much I love, value and adore you. You’re my most precious gift, my love.

    • With you, I feel like the queen of the universe. With you, I feel like an eagle. With you, I feel like I can do and be anything and everything at the same time. With you, is my best place to be.
    • I love the way you love me, baby. The way you hold me, hug me, kiss me, I love everything that happens when I’m all alone with you.


    • I’ll choose no other person than you, to walk down this love lane with. You’re my choice, today, tomorrow, always and forever, darling.
    • Your love found me at a time I wasn’t seeking love, yet, it filled my life so much, that I began to realize how empty I had been. You’re amazing, sweets.
    • You captured my heart with your great love, and now, I’m bound forever. I’m never going to be able to love any man as much as I love you.
    • I’m drunk in the river of your love, honey. Yet, I can’t stop drinking, never will.
    • I’m deeply in love with the most amazing man ever. He’s reading this now and smiling too. Oh, how charming you look when you smile.
    • Whenever I am thinking of you, I feel like going mad and crazy realizing that I have the best boyfriend in the world. I am madly in love with you, babe. 
    • My heart still skips a beat, whenever you touch me. My entire being longs for your touch, darling.
    • Having you as my man, my crown, my love, my world, is the greatest of all possessions. When I want to count my blessings, I start with you.
    • Darling, you’re the reason why I survive even the toughest of days, knowing I’ll be returning home to the most amazing man in the world.
    • In your love, I know no fear. In your love, I feel so safe. In your love, I’m whole and free. In your love, I want to be, always and forever.
    •  Your love strengthens and emboldens me in unimaginable ways. Baby, I feel like a superwoman whenever I’m with you. Love you deeply.
    • I just want you to know that I’ve been thinking about you all day, and it’s really hard to fall asleep right now. I wish you were here, darling
    • I just left home, and I already can’t wait to be back. Baby, you’re my satisfaction and the best type of high. Love you much.
    • Your love is my happy place, my home base, and an endless phase of joy and happiness
    • On this particular day you stole my heart, it has been a journey full of laughter, tears, and love... I do not need my heart back. You know how best to take care of it. Happy anniversary. 
    • On this particular day you stole my heart, it has been a journey full of laughter, tears, and love... I do not need my heart back. You know how best to take care of it. Happy anniversary. 
    • My wish for you this beautiful night is that you are free from any worry, fear or worldly burden. Good night baby, have a peaceful night rest. 
    • I really can’t do without you, darling. My heart has become intertwined with yours, and nothing’s ever going to put us apart.
    • I’ll never stop loving you, baby. From now until my last breath, you alone, will my heart cherish and adore.
    • I’ll scream on the mountaintop if need be, I’ll do anything possible, just to let the whole world know I’m deeply and madly in love with you.
    • Loving you is worth all the risk there could possibly be in love. I love you with reckless abandon, darling.
    • I’m simply grateful to God for bringing you into my life. You’re my best gift ever, darling, I love you.
    • Love is beautiful and amazing, and that’s only cos it’s with you.

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    1. 30+ Best Valentines Day Quotes For Couples 2020 - Love, Romantic, Cute and Funny

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      Here are 30++ best Valentine's Day quotes for couples 2020. These unique quotes include Love, Romantic, Cute and Funny. Perfect love message collection for him and her this special day.
      of all the butt in the world, yours is my favorite
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      1. There is my heart, and then there is you, and I’m not sure there is a difference. 
        valentine day messages for him

      2. What lies before us and what lies beyond us, is tiny compared to what lies within us. 

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      1. I finally know why my heart beats faster when you’re not around. I guess it’s hoping you’ll hear it, cause you know it’s beating for you.
        valentine messages for boyfriend

      2. He looked at her the way all want to looked at by a man. 

      3. All my better days are the ones spent with you.

      4. You are my center when I spin away

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      1. Into you. I melt. All of you.

        valentines day quotes for couples bf and gf

      2. Once the sun asked the moon for a hug. And the world name it an Eclipse.

        valentines day quotes photo

      3. Everything's better with you. Everything has been better since you.

        love quote in valentines

      4. You look like the rest of my life

      5. And then suddenly, you meet that one person that makes you forget about yesterday, and dream about tomorrow.

        valentines day romantic love quotes

      6. You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.
        You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars

      7. You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of the one I use to color my sky. 

      8. He walked into my heart like he always belonged there, took down my walls and lit my soul on fire.

      9. You be the sun, I’ll be the moon, just let your light come shining through, and when night comes, just like the moon. I’ll shine the light right back to you.

        happy valentines day boyfriend quotes

      10. I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

      11. Two souls but with a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one

      12. You will forever be my always

        you will forever be my always

      13. Our relationship has grown, we have changed, we sometimes bend, but always our love is strong.

      14. You make me happy in a way no one else can

        Valentines quote you make me happy

      15. Forever is a long time. But I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.

      16. No one else, Love, will sleep in my dreams. You will go, we will go together, over the waters of time. No one else will travel through the shadows with me only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon.

      17. One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I’ll say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.

        Love quotes for couples Valentine 2020

      18. You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.

        romantic quotes for husband boyfriend

      19. We love with a love that was more than love

      20. You take me to the kindest part of my heart.

        valentines quotes

      21. I knew I loved you before I met you. I have been waiting all my life

      22. Take a piece of my heart and make it all your own so when we are apart, you’ll never be alone.

        sweet quotes valentines day

      23. How far away I will always love you
        How long I stay I will always love you
        Whatever words I say I will always love you
        I will always love you

      24.  You be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey

      25. I could not love you any better, I love you just the way you are. 

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