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    Hi guys,

    How to keep your shirt fresh? 

    You worry that your favorite shirt will fade during use?

    Are you afraid the print on the shirt will flake after a while?

    You do not know how to handle when the shirt is stuck with difficult to remove stains?

    So, let's find out some tips to help your shirt always look like new.

    1, it’s better to invest in one quality item than five poorly made pieces that may need to be replaced in a few months.

    2, Pay attention to the instruction on the shirt-tag as well as the laundering techniques to keep in mind as you hang out in the laundromat or laundry room.

    3,  Learn basic repairs can make them last longer and save you a ton of money

    4, Iron With Care. 

    5, Make sure that you wash your newly dyed item with like colors the first time you run it – the dye can come off on other items. 

    6, Doing your hair and makeup before you get dressed, you can avoid those pitfalls

    7, Wash your clothes only when they look or smell dirty. 

    8, Save the hot water for really soiled loads and wash everything else in cold. 

    9, While you're adding cooking ingredients to your load, add a half a cup of salt to a new garment's very first wash to lock in the color and prevent bleeding.

    10, Add half a cup of vinegar to each wash load to prevent fading. 

    Keep following us to find more useful tips!

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