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Do you wonder how to choose a beautiful, suitable marriage proposal, meaningful and affordable?

How To Find The Perfect Ring For Your Fiancee?

In addition to investing time and effort in preparing a surprise proposal for her, the most important thing is to choose the marriage ring. For a lot of guys, choosing a beautiful engagement ring also takes a lot of effort and money.

How sure you choose the type of ring she likes? First, you should understand the information about this important ring.

What does a marriage proposal mean?

Having a history from Western countries, the marriage proposal was chosen by the boys to give and propose to the girl they love. Besides deep love, the beautiful marriage ring is also a symbol of sincerity, the desire to be with your beloved daughter to the end of life. Therefore, engagement rings often have a more sophisticated design than wedding rings.

Because this is a symbol of a new, serious period, the desire to stay connected with the person you love so usually only one marriage proposal.

However, today, many couples have chosen a couple of rings to propose. With the thought of the couple being a witness for love, it marked a big turning point in the feelings of both.

How to choose a beautiful marriage proposal

Choose according to her taste

The marriage ring will be worn on a daily basis, so the most important choice is to pay attention to her personality and preferences to choose the right ring.

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Originally, the proposal was often more sophisticated than the wedding ring, however, if your partner is a simple, sophisticated girl, choosing a too stylish and cumbersome ring will "dislocate" and vice versa.

Choose the right material for the proposed ring

To create a special and different from the traditional beautiful gold wedding rings, a white gold marriage proposal is one of the materials that many people choose. For young, up-to-date lovers, he can also choose silver-crafted engagement rings.

A beautiful ring, when worn on the hand, needs to match the skin color, so white gold is the easiest material to please her because it is easy to blend with all skin colors.

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Part of the gem on the ring can be white, or the gem with bright colors: Her favorite color, color matching her destiny, age or zodiac is one of the details of interest. when choosing a ring.

The luxurious and expensive diamond engagement ring represents eternal love. However, the obvious disadvantage is that diamonds are much more expensive than gold. White gold propose ring with eye-catching white. The advantage of white gold is that it is modern, youthful, and has a lower price than platinum so it is preferred by many couples.

Expensive isn't always the most valuable

Indeed ... When choosing a proposal ring, many of you will think of a very expensive ring. Not only that but also add stones, diamonds ,. Look for a ring that fits the hand of the enemy! However, due to long-term use, you should also choose the best types ... The best choice does not mean the highest price. There should be a plan that suits your finances. As well as spending too much on wedding rings can be spent on other things.

The high value lies in subtlety

Be subtle in attention, learn the opponent's jewelry preferences. Know the style, material, colors ... The only thing left is to choose a suitable ring. In case the opponent is less or not wearing jewelry you do not need to worry too much. Take a picture of her hand and ask the salesperson for advice. If you are more careful ... Get references from those closest to you. This is the most valuable source.

Choose carefully the size of the proposal ring

You will know the opponent's ring size ... When holding her hand a lot? This is partly true and partly incorrect. Because not everyone is sophisticated enough to calculate a very small size. Ask a friend's best friend to choose a standard size ring. This will make her extremely surprised. In case you don't know the exact number, don't worry. Ask for jewelry sales consultants. These are experienced people and can estimate her size.

Material makes value

If you want to organize the perfect wedding party ... Remember, all the details, no matter how big or small, must be quality. Especially the marriage ring, which proves the love between the two. even if it doesn't appear at the wedding. But the main factor for you to be able to make a wedding. To choose the best material for the proposal ring is not difficult. Meets the secret criteria of durability and durability is platinum and gold.

However, platinum is quite expensive. You absolutely can choose Gold to fit. Gold has many types of 9k, 18k, 24k, ... Each type has a different price that is easy to choose. Silver is also a beautiful material, but Sapphire should not choose because it is unstable and easily distorted.

Choose the right proposal ring for your love

Unlike a wedding ring in Pairs, the proposal ring is only one. And the engagement ring has to be studded with stones or diamonds because this is a symbol of eternity. This is the real difference between wedding rings. Nowadays choosing any kind of stone, diamond, color, ... is extremely easy. Can choose according to the interests, destiny, or zodiac of the enemy. Most important is her feeling. Please make the right choice but it is surprising.

Which finger ring should I wear?

Whether Asian or Eastern, engagement rings are usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand. This finger has the meaning of loyalty, of a clear relationship. And the affirmation of the guy's position in the girl's heart. Western countries wear engagement rings on the ring finger.

Surely with the above tips to choose the proposed marriage ring will help you choose a perfect ring for the girl you love. Don't forget flowers and a romantic evening with her.